Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our Fate (Quick Trailer) and Our Fate Breakdown

Title Sequence: “OUR FATE”


A young man sits across from a girl at a coffee shop table. The camera is aimed at their sides so that both are in fully frame. The two are seemingly having a pleasant conversation. The camera begins to rotate, drawing inward slightly so that the frame cuts out the two at the waist. The camera moves to the back of the young man’s head, showing the face. The coffee shop setting bursts into flames behind her. The other patrons are dead. Gore is splatter across all the walls. In the distance, gunfire crackles. The girl is unfazed by the destruction.

The young man stands and walks away from the coffee table, horror plastered on his face. The girl is confused and calls out to him as the war torn setting reverts to the peaceful coffee shop.

The coffee shop setting changes to a night club around the young man as walks away. He leans up against a bar and smiles at another girl. The camera remains at waist level and then rotates to face the girl. She mouths “Hello” and behind her the club is blown apart by a strong wind. This girl is, again, unfazed. Behind her, the sky is gray and swirling with thunder. Mechanized creatures herd people across an ash gray landscape, brandishing massive machine guns.

The young man stumbles away, his face pale and sickly. He backs away and trips into a bus seat as the night club disappears, only to be replaced by a city bus. The camera backs away to show the young man’s full frame. The bus stops suddenly and a girl falls into his lap. The camera cuts to the young man, framing his head and part of his shoulders. He smiles at her. The camera cuts to the girl, framing the head and part of her shoulder. She smiles back. Behind her, the sun shines and there’s endless fields of greenery. Cartoon birds flutter about in the air and people join hands in fellowship. The camera returns to the young man who is sitting in this vision, his head and torso in frame. The young man is thrusted out of this vision by the massive hand of another man. The hand appears from the bottom of the screen and catches him by the shirt. The camera switches back to the city bus, showing the full frame of the young man struggling with the other man. The camera would be placed at the back of the bus, as they move toward the front. The camera cuts outside the bus as the young man is tossed off the bus in a heap. The bus begins to roll away. The camera rotates as the bus rolls down the street and out of view. The young man stands up, his back to the camera.

The title card reads “OUR FATE”

Premise summary:

The basic premise behind “Our Fate” is that the fate of humanity is somehow directly intertwined with the main character, a cocky psychic named Joel, meeting and falling in love with a girl he met on a bus. Joel has brief gleams into the future, a gift he has no control over, but a gift he was once able to use to win the lottery. These gleams into the future turn apocalyptic after when Joel goes on a date after meeting the girl on the bus.

As the series progresses, Joel finds this girl, Jane and finds she is engaged to be married. Even if she wasn’t, Jane is put off by Joel. Joel must break off her engagement, get her to like him and in the process steer humanity toward World Peace.

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