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Thursday, August 22, 2013


It's my birthday! I don't want to post this anymore, so here's all of it!


Panel 1:Dog Boy shoots toward the man and shoves him into a nearby gate.
Panel 2:He begins mercilessly bashing him in the face, howling wildly as he did so. The man eventually goes limp


Panel 1:Dog boy backs away, his hands dripping with blood. 
Panel 2:Dog boy turns to the woman and clutches her face, surveying her thoughtfully.
She omits a scream
Panel 3: Dog boy releases her from his grasp.
She runs off into the night.
Panel 4:Dog boy turns to the unconscious man and takes out a knife from his belt.
DOG BOY: (whispers): Teach him good.

Setting: Hospital
Panel 1: The man lies on a hospital bed screaming in pain, clutching the bloody stump that was his hand.
DOCTOR to the PARAMEDIC: Where’s the hand
PARAMEDIC: It wasn’t on site.
Panel 2, setting: Park
Dog boy peers into a jar holding the severed hand.
Panel 3:He places the jar in a hole and begins to bury it.
Enter policeman
POLICEMAN:  Hey! What the hell is that?
Dog boy looked nervously at the policeman and continued to bury the hand.
The policeman comes closer.
Panel 4: POLICEMAN: What are you doing?
The policeman peers over Dog boy’s shoulder to see the partially covered jar.
Panel 5:POLICEMAN: What is that?
The policeman shoves dog boy aside and picks the jar up.
Panel 6:POLICEMAN: Holy hell
Dog boy knocks the policeman to the ground and darts off. The policeman clicks his radio.
Panel 7:POLICEMAN: We’ve got 8-20. ID: 6 foot 2 Caucasian male. Slender build, dirty brown hair, wearing a black coat and blue jeans. Possibly mentally ill. It’s gonna be hard to miss this guy.
Section 5


Panel 1:Setting: police station
Dog boy sits in an interrogation room, handcuffed.
A man (George Ricotti) and woman (Jeanie Murphy) enter the room.
The woman sits across from Dog boy and the man stands behind him.
DR. MURPHY: Hello, My name is Jeanie Murphy. I’ve been asked to speak to you. Can I ask you your name?
Panel 2:Over the shoulder angle facing Murphy
DR.MURPHY: is that what people call you?
Panel 3:
 DR. MURPHY: Is that what you like to be called?
Dog Boy nervously turns his head to the man behind him.
Panel 4:
 DR. MURPHY: Could you wait out side, Officer Ricotti.
OFFICER RICOTTI: I’ll be right outside this door.
Officer Ricotti exits.
Panel 5:Over the shoulder angle facing Dog Boy
DR. MURPHY: Better?
Dog Boy nods
DR.MURPHY: Good, So what do you like to be called?
Panel 6: Dog Boy shrugs

Page 9
Panel 1:
DR.MURPHY: Do you understand why you’re here?
DOG BOY: Because of the hand.
DR. MURPHY: Yes, Why did you have it?
DOG BOY: I taught him good.
Panel 2:
DR. MURPHY: What do you mean?
DOG BOY: He was bad. I taught him good.
 DR. MURPHY: Tell me what happened.
DOG BOY: I saw her. The pretty lady and he came and grabbed her arm. So I took his hand away. He’ll be good now. I taught him to be good.
Panel 4:
DR.MURPHY: Do you understand why that is wrong?
DOG BOY: What?
DR.MURPHY: Do you understand why cutting a hand off is wrong?
DOG BOY: It’s not.
DR.MURPHY: It’s not good to hurt people like that.
DOG BOY (slightly agitated): It’s not bad.
Panel 5:
 DR. MURPHY: Let’s change the subject. Why’d you take the hand to the park?
Dog Boy shrugs

Page 10
Panel 1:
DR. MURPHY: Did you do something like this before?
DOG BOY: Can I go. I don’t like it here.
Panel 2:
 DR. MURPHY: I’m afraid that’s not possible. The fact is you hurt someone and we can’t let you go until we know you won’t do it again.
DOG BOY: I don’t like it here. I want to go.
Panel 3:
 DR.MURPHY: I can’t do that.
DOG BOY (slightly agitated): I want to go.
DR.MURPHY: Calm down
Panel 4:
 DOG BOY: I want to go.
Dog Boy stands
DR. MURPHY: Please sit down and calm yourself.
Panel 5:
 DOG BOY: (Highly agitated) I want to go.

Page 11
Panel 1:Officer Ricotti re-enters
Dog Boy spins around and charges at Ricotti, knocks him into a wall and Ricottifalls in a heap.
Panel 2:Dog Boy exits out of the room and is met by two officers in the hall.
OFFICER 1: That’s as far as you go.
Panel 3:Dog Boy kicks in officer 1’s knee.
Panel 4:Then darts around officer2.
Panel 5:Officer 2 manages to grab dog boy around the middle.
Dog Boy kicks a nearby wall-knocking officer 2 off balance. Both fall to the ground
Panel 6: Dog Boy is up first.

Page 12
Panel 1:Before officer 2 could think Dog Boy crushes his nose with his heel.
Officer 1, wincing in pain, attempts to block his way.
Panel 2:Dog Boy dropkicks officer 1 and officer 1 falls to the ground unconscious.

Panel 1:Three more men emerge into the hall.
Dog Boy takes the officer 2 as hostage, choking him with the handcuffs.
The three men stop and stare cautiously.
Panel 2: Dr. Murphy slowly approaches
DR.MURPHY: Listen to me. Is what you’re doing now good?
Dog Boy looks scared and confused.
Panel 3:
 DR.MURPHY: Are you being good?
Panel 4:Dog Boy looks at the three men, then at the officer he held hostage and then at Dr. Murphy and lastly he released the officer.
 Panel 5:He sits him in the fetal position, rocking back and forth, weeping.

Page 14
Panel 1:The three officers charge at Dog Boy.
DR.MURPHY (in a commanding tone.) Leave him be. Get them to a hospital! Check on Ricotti back in the room.
Jeanie sits beside him and cradles his head.
Section 6
Setting: Jail cell
Panel 2:Dog Boy sits in a jail cell crouched in the fetal position.
Dr. Murphy comes to Dog boy’s cell.
Dog Boy stands at the bars.
DR.MURPHY: I was wondering if you have a name but don’t want to tell me.
Panel 3:
DR. MURPHY: Is that what your real name is?
DOG BOY: Only name I remember.
Panel 4: DR. MURPHY: Would you like a real name?
DOG BOY (hesitantly): Okay.
Panel 5:
DR. MURPHY: Give me your hands.
Jeanie offers her own.
Panel 6:Dog Boy cautiously places his hands in hers.

Page 15
Panel 1:
DR.MURPHY: You look like a Gabriel. Would it be okay if I called you Gabriel?
DOG BOY: I like Gabriel.
Panel 2:
Setting: Police Station/ Ricotti’s desk
Ricotti sits, icing his neck.
Officer Pete approaches his desk with a file in hand.
He hands it to Ricotti
OFFICER PETE: You know you’re lucky.
RICOTTI: How so?
Panel 3:Ricotti opens the file.
PETE: He’s some sort of freak. He took the hand off with a regular pocketknife. The guy snapped the bone with his bare hands and it broke clean like a fucking twig.
RICOTTI: Serious?
Panel 4:
PETE: Yeah and it looks like Corky’s a vigilante. He’s linked to a number of beatings and mutilations. All of them, attempted murders, robberies, rapes. You name it.
RICOTTI: How many exactly?
Panel 5:
PETE: About 40 now. He’s been doing this for about four years
RICOTTI: We got a real name on this guy?

Page 16
Panel 1:
PETE: No, he wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for his record.
Section 8
Panel 2:
Setting: Saint Ives Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center/ Patient’s room
A bald unshaven man (Bobby Reed) sits cross-legged on his bed, playing his guitar.
Enter Emily Mason holding a pill tray
EMILY: How’s my favorite rock star?
BOBBY:  Is there such a thing as a good day in this place.
Panel 3:
EMILY: Awe. Having a bad day?
BOBBY: Spend a night here and tell me different.
Panel 4:
EMILY: It can’t be that horrible.
She sets the pill tray down on a table and picks up the cup.
Panel 5:
EMILY (playfully): Pill time. Put the guitar down for a second Mr. Reed.
Bobby carefully sets the guitar down, uncrosses his legs and stands. He walks up to her and stand close to her.
Panel 6:She hands him the pills and drops the pills into his mouth.

Page 17
Over the shoulder angle towards bobby
Panel 1:
EMILY: There we go. Open up please.
Bobby stares at her for a short while. He opens his mouth to reveal the pill still on his tongue.
Over the shoulder angle towards Bobby
Panel 2:
EMILY: Don’t give me trouble today, Bobby. Please just swallow it.
Panel 3:Bobby closes his mouth and stares thoughtfully; he gently touches her hair
Panel 4:Emily takes his hand away from her hair.
EMILY: Bobby, stop it.  Just swallow the pill and sit back down.
Panel 5:Bobby splits the pill out and shoves her away from him.

Page 18
Panel 1:Emily falls on to her back.
Panel 2:Bobby kneels and quickly snatches her Keycard.
Panel 3:He then turns to get his guitar.
Emily gets up and runs to the door
EMILY: (shouting through the door window) Gary!
Bobby drops his head and turns around to the door.
BOBBY: (agitated) Of course! Of fucking course.
Panel 4:Bobby runs over to Emily and grabs her in a headlock
Gary comes in
Panel 5:
GARY: Shit. Come on bobby let her go. You don’t want this. You were doing well, man. Just let her go.

Page 19
Panel 1:Gary slowly reaches for his baton.
BOBBY: Don’t! I can snap her neck, so don’t fuck with me.
Panel 2:
GARY: What’s your next move? We can’t let you leave. You’re just making it worst for yourself. Look, I already sent out the alarm. You let her go now and calm yourself and you won’t have to worry about anything.  We’ll go easy. Just let her go.
Panel 3:Bobby stares at Gary, stony faced, then releases Emily
She runs to safety behind Gary.
Gary slowly approaches Bobby and takes out his baton.
GARY: Okay, now sit on the bed.
Bobby stays his ground.
Panel 4:
GARY: Come on, Bobby.
Gary comes in arm length of Bobby.
Panel 5:Bobby grabs the baton and Gary, still holding with a firm grip, comes with it and is knocked down by a hard elbow to the nose

Page 20.
Panel 1: Gary releases his grip on the baton and Bobby cracks him again and again until Gary dies.
Panel 2:Bobby turns his head towards Emily. She stares horror struck

Page 21


Panel 1:Bobby rummages through Gary’s pockets for his keycard.


Panel 2:He finds it and exits out the door.


Panel 3:Emily remains in the corner and begins to cry.


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Book Review: Black House

Book Review: Black House

By Stephen King and Peter Straub



Jack Sawyer returns years after his initial adventure. He is thirty-one and retired, worn-out from being a LA detective. He doesn’t want to chases killers, in spite of his talent for finding them. He moves to a rural town, just as a serial killer starts snatching and eating children. Jack wants to ignore the killer, allow the FBI and French Landing’s Police Department handle the case, but everything about this case has Jack’s name written all over it. This killer, the Fisherman, may be getting help from an otherworldly being born in the Territories. Jack may be the only one who can solve this case and stop the murders.



This novel, in my opinion, is a great improvement on the first novel, The Talisman. I did appreciate the stronger ties to the Dark Tower, but the novel felt closer to home. This novel was written about ten years ago and all those weird notions of pedophile homosexuals and cartoonish black people seem to have all gone away. I was also captivated by the otherworldly villain, Mr. Munshun. He’s this one-eyed monster man with a mouth full of shark’s teeth. He’s been riding on the Fisherman’s back, guiding him toward special children. Mr. Munshun lets the Fisherman eat all the mundane kids, but woe be on his head if he lays a finger on those special children.