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Thursday, August 22, 2013


It's my birthday! I don't want to post this anymore, so here's all of it!


Panel 1:Dog Boy shoots toward the man and shoves him into a nearby gate.
Panel 2:He begins mercilessly bashing him in the face, howling wildly as he did so. The man eventually goes limp


Panel 1:Dog boy backs away, his hands dripping with blood. 
Panel 2:Dog boy turns to the woman and clutches her face, surveying her thoughtfully.
She omits a scream
Panel 3: Dog boy releases her from his grasp.
She runs off into the night.
Panel 4:Dog boy turns to the unconscious man and takes out a knife from his belt.
DOG BOY: (whispers): Teach him good.

Setting: Hospital
Panel 1: The man lies on a hospital bed screaming in pain, clutching the bloody stump that was his hand.
DOCTOR to the PARAMEDIC: Where’s the hand
PARAMEDIC: It wasn’t on site.
Panel 2, setting: Park
Dog boy peers into a jar holding the severed hand.
Panel 3:He places the jar in a hole and begins to bury it.
Enter policeman
POLICEMAN:  Hey! What the hell is that?
Dog boy looked nervously at the policeman and continued to bury the hand.
The policeman comes closer.
Panel 4: POLICEMAN: What are you doing?
The policeman peers over Dog boy’s shoulder to see the partially covered jar.
Panel 5:POLICEMAN: What is that?
The policeman shoves dog boy aside and picks the jar up.
Panel 6:POLICEMAN: Holy hell
Dog boy knocks the policeman to the ground and darts off. The policeman clicks his radio.
Panel 7:POLICEMAN: We’ve got 8-20. ID: 6 foot 2 Caucasian male. Slender build, dirty brown hair, wearing a black coat and blue jeans. Possibly mentally ill. It’s gonna be hard to miss this guy.
Section 5


Panel 1:Setting: police station
Dog boy sits in an interrogation room, handcuffed.
A man (George Ricotti) and woman (Jeanie Murphy) enter the room.
The woman sits across from Dog boy and the man stands behind him.
DR. MURPHY: Hello, My name is Jeanie Murphy. I’ve been asked to speak to you. Can I ask you your name?
Panel 2:Over the shoulder angle facing Murphy
DR.MURPHY: is that what people call you?
Panel 3:
 DR. MURPHY: Is that what you like to be called?
Dog Boy nervously turns his head to the man behind him.
Panel 4:
 DR. MURPHY: Could you wait out side, Officer Ricotti.
OFFICER RICOTTI: I’ll be right outside this door.
Officer Ricotti exits.
Panel 5:Over the shoulder angle facing Dog Boy
DR. MURPHY: Better?
Dog Boy nods
DR.MURPHY: Good, So what do you like to be called?
Panel 6: Dog Boy shrugs

Page 9
Panel 1:
DR.MURPHY: Do you understand why you’re here?
DOG BOY: Because of the hand.
DR. MURPHY: Yes, Why did you have it?
DOG BOY: I taught him good.
Panel 2:
DR. MURPHY: What do you mean?
DOG BOY: He was bad. I taught him good.
 DR. MURPHY: Tell me what happened.
DOG BOY: I saw her. The pretty lady and he came and grabbed her arm. So I took his hand away. He’ll be good now. I taught him to be good.
Panel 4:
DR.MURPHY: Do you understand why that is wrong?
DOG BOY: What?
DR.MURPHY: Do you understand why cutting a hand off is wrong?
DOG BOY: It’s not.
DR.MURPHY: It’s not good to hurt people like that.
DOG BOY (slightly agitated): It’s not bad.
Panel 5:
 DR. MURPHY: Let’s change the subject. Why’d you take the hand to the park?
Dog Boy shrugs

Page 10
Panel 1:
DR. MURPHY: Did you do something like this before?
DOG BOY: Can I go. I don’t like it here.
Panel 2:
 DR. MURPHY: I’m afraid that’s not possible. The fact is you hurt someone and we can’t let you go until we know you won’t do it again.
DOG BOY: I don’t like it here. I want to go.
Panel 3:
 DR.MURPHY: I can’t do that.
DOG BOY (slightly agitated): I want to go.
DR.MURPHY: Calm down
Panel 4:
 DOG BOY: I want to go.
Dog Boy stands
DR. MURPHY: Please sit down and calm yourself.
Panel 5:
 DOG BOY: (Highly agitated) I want to go.

Page 11
Panel 1:Officer Ricotti re-enters
Dog Boy spins around and charges at Ricotti, knocks him into a wall and Ricottifalls in a heap.
Panel 2:Dog Boy exits out of the room and is met by two officers in the hall.
OFFICER 1: That’s as far as you go.
Panel 3:Dog Boy kicks in officer 1’s knee.
Panel 4:Then darts around officer2.
Panel 5:Officer 2 manages to grab dog boy around the middle.
Dog Boy kicks a nearby wall-knocking officer 2 off balance. Both fall to the ground
Panel 6: Dog Boy is up first.

Page 12
Panel 1:Before officer 2 could think Dog Boy crushes his nose with his heel.
Officer 1, wincing in pain, attempts to block his way.
Panel 2:Dog Boy dropkicks officer 1 and officer 1 falls to the ground unconscious.

Panel 1:Three more men emerge into the hall.
Dog Boy takes the officer 2 as hostage, choking him with the handcuffs.
The three men stop and stare cautiously.
Panel 2: Dr. Murphy slowly approaches
DR.MURPHY: Listen to me. Is what you’re doing now good?
Dog Boy looks scared and confused.
Panel 3:
 DR.MURPHY: Are you being good?
Panel 4:Dog Boy looks at the three men, then at the officer he held hostage and then at Dr. Murphy and lastly he released the officer.
 Panel 5:He sits him in the fetal position, rocking back and forth, weeping.

Page 14
Panel 1:The three officers charge at Dog Boy.
DR.MURPHY (in a commanding tone.) Leave him be. Get them to a hospital! Check on Ricotti back in the room.
Jeanie sits beside him and cradles his head.
Section 6
Setting: Jail cell
Panel 2:Dog Boy sits in a jail cell crouched in the fetal position.
Dr. Murphy comes to Dog boy’s cell.
Dog Boy stands at the bars.
DR.MURPHY: I was wondering if you have a name but don’t want to tell me.
Panel 3:
DR. MURPHY: Is that what your real name is?
DOG BOY: Only name I remember.
Panel 4: DR. MURPHY: Would you like a real name?
DOG BOY (hesitantly): Okay.
Panel 5:
DR. MURPHY: Give me your hands.
Jeanie offers her own.
Panel 6:Dog Boy cautiously places his hands in hers.

Page 15
Panel 1:
DR.MURPHY: You look like a Gabriel. Would it be okay if I called you Gabriel?
DOG BOY: I like Gabriel.
Panel 2:
Setting: Police Station/ Ricotti’s desk
Ricotti sits, icing his neck.
Officer Pete approaches his desk with a file in hand.
He hands it to Ricotti
OFFICER PETE: You know you’re lucky.
RICOTTI: How so?
Panel 3:Ricotti opens the file.
PETE: He’s some sort of freak. He took the hand off with a regular pocketknife. The guy snapped the bone with his bare hands and it broke clean like a fucking twig.
RICOTTI: Serious?
Panel 4:
PETE: Yeah and it looks like Corky’s a vigilante. He’s linked to a number of beatings and mutilations. All of them, attempted murders, robberies, rapes. You name it.
RICOTTI: How many exactly?
Panel 5:
PETE: About 40 now. He’s been doing this for about four years
RICOTTI: We got a real name on this guy?

Page 16
Panel 1:
PETE: No, he wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for his record.
Section 8
Panel 2:
Setting: Saint Ives Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center/ Patient’s room
A bald unshaven man (Bobby Reed) sits cross-legged on his bed, playing his guitar.
Enter Emily Mason holding a pill tray
EMILY: How’s my favorite rock star?
BOBBY:  Is there such a thing as a good day in this place.
Panel 3:
EMILY: Awe. Having a bad day?
BOBBY: Spend a night here and tell me different.
Panel 4:
EMILY: It can’t be that horrible.
She sets the pill tray down on a table and picks up the cup.
Panel 5:
EMILY (playfully): Pill time. Put the guitar down for a second Mr. Reed.
Bobby carefully sets the guitar down, uncrosses his legs and stands. He walks up to her and stand close to her.
Panel 6:She hands him the pills and drops the pills into his mouth.

Page 17
Over the shoulder angle towards bobby
Panel 1:
EMILY: There we go. Open up please.
Bobby stares at her for a short while. He opens his mouth to reveal the pill still on his tongue.
Over the shoulder angle towards Bobby
Panel 2:
EMILY: Don’t give me trouble today, Bobby. Please just swallow it.
Panel 3:Bobby closes his mouth and stares thoughtfully; he gently touches her hair
Panel 4:Emily takes his hand away from her hair.
EMILY: Bobby, stop it.  Just swallow the pill and sit back down.
Panel 5:Bobby splits the pill out and shoves her away from him.

Page 18
Panel 1:Emily falls on to her back.
Panel 2:Bobby kneels and quickly snatches her Keycard.
Panel 3:He then turns to get his guitar.
Emily gets up and runs to the door
EMILY: (shouting through the door window) Gary!
Bobby drops his head and turns around to the door.
BOBBY: (agitated) Of course! Of fucking course.
Panel 4:Bobby runs over to Emily and grabs her in a headlock
Gary comes in
Panel 5:
GARY: Shit. Come on bobby let her go. You don’t want this. You were doing well, man. Just let her go.

Page 19
Panel 1:Gary slowly reaches for his baton.
BOBBY: Don’t! I can snap her neck, so don’t fuck with me.
Panel 2:
GARY: What’s your next move? We can’t let you leave. You’re just making it worst for yourself. Look, I already sent out the alarm. You let her go now and calm yourself and you won’t have to worry about anything.  We’ll go easy. Just let her go.
Panel 3:Bobby stares at Gary, stony faced, then releases Emily
She runs to safety behind Gary.
Gary slowly approaches Bobby and takes out his baton.
GARY: Okay, now sit on the bed.
Bobby stays his ground.
Panel 4:
GARY: Come on, Bobby.
Gary comes in arm length of Bobby.
Panel 5:Bobby grabs the baton and Gary, still holding with a firm grip, comes with it and is knocked down by a hard elbow to the nose

Page 20.
Panel 1: Gary releases his grip on the baton and Bobby cracks him again and again until Gary dies.
Panel 2:Bobby turns his head towards Emily. She stares horror struck

Page 21


Panel 1:Bobby rummages through Gary’s pockets for his keycard.


Panel 2:He finds it and exits out the door.


Panel 3:Emily remains in the corner and begins to cry.


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