Friday, January 10, 2014

The Buggy Physics of Superman (Part Four)

The most remembered and the most lampooned scene from the Superman movies is Superman attempt to turn back Time. A reoccurring problem for Superman is that Lois Lane keeps getting into danger. In this particular case, Superman was too late. Lois Lane is driving down a road when she is caught in a rockslide. The heavy rocks smash in her windshield and her car is flooded with dirt and rocks. She dies at the bottom of a ditch and Superman screams up to the sky in horror. He shoots up into the sky and whips around the Earth, flying faster and faster. He continues to build speed and he actually slows the Earth’s spin. He, then, manages to stop and reverse the Earth’s spin. Superman’s aim is to go back in time. What would obvious happen is the extinction of all life on Earth.

As stated above, an object is motion tends to stay in motion. Right now, as you read this paper, you are traveling at 1000mph. If Superman reversed the spin of the Earth, then everything not nailed down on that Earth would be flung off into space. I am not nailed down. Neither are you or anyone (hopefully) that you know. All of Earth’s oceans would come crashing onto land in Tsunamis more violent than the world has ever seen. The air, itself, would be affected. Biblical Hurricane would tear birds out of the sky, mashing them into nothing but broken bones, blood and feathers. Every building ever built would topple like a Jenga tower.

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