Sunday, February 13, 2011

Is She Dead?

He sat, in someone else's body. A poor albono girl who was too afraid to realize she'd been Killed.
And there that girl sat, skinny blonde thing with a little stick of a boomstick for comfort. She had the mind to kill me if she could.
He was twisting a divet into the ground with point of a dull blade. My eyes clung to the blade as I opened my mouth.
"Is she dead?"
I don't stick around long enough to know.
"Would you have a best guess." He looked at me with bemused eyes. The question was ...what? Quaint? Childish? Ignorant? I could tell he was looking down at me, but I wasn't sure which way.
"I'll say she ain't doing good. I'll say it'd be better if you thought of this girl as dead." I ran a hand along the soft curve of her breast. Part, because I wanted to get under the other girl's skin in the old fashion sense. Part, because I'm a man with access to young titty.
"Then there's nothing to stop me from killing you." I said while leveling the shotgun at him. He didn't flee out of the sights.
I'm about done with this bitch anyhow. But... that would make sure that this girl is dead.
I kept the shotgun leveed. I pulled the trigger.

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