Saturday, June 18, 2011

MBM1: The Craft of Writing and How Writers Approach It

This is ME BEING ME, where I am going to talk about what's going on in my mind and what I've been thinking about is: The Craft of Writing and How Writers Approach It.

I am a huge fan of Patton Oswalt (Comedian/Actor/Author)and every once and a while, I'll punch Patton Oswalt's name into a search engine to see what's the last interview he's done. (Little bit like stalking, I know. But I probably won't kidnap him and cut his head off.) So, I came across a podcast interview he did on the TOTALLY LAME PODCAST (Episode 52: Patton Oswalt!)On the podcast, he was funny as always and he said something very insightful about why he went into comedy. In his interview, he spoke about how bad he was, starting out and about how he would almost be heckled off stage. His friends asked him, why do you keep going up there? And his answer was that he didn't know. It was a compulsion that he had to submit to. That he would still do it if no one was paying him to get up on stage. I feel the same way about how I write. I am wildly unpublished and it sucks not being published, but I know I'm going to be writng as an old man. I don't know if I'll be published by then. Writing isn't even all that fun. It's really like shitting. Most people only have three possible routes of excretion: Urinating, Pooping and, vomitting (After a long night of binge drinking). Writers have four and the more you write, the more you have to. It's hard to explain, really and this may only be the way I approach writing, but I use writing to clean the filth off my mind and soul (which is why my fiction is so dark.)
And the thing about writing in the industry today is, everyone is writng so the reality is you probably won't get published. It's like having a million wolves hunting like twenty rabbits. Which is depressing, but the ones who make it are the ones who know that and keep going anyway. Quiters never win and Winners never quit. Nevermind the fact that it makes more sense to quit.

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