Friday, June 24, 2011

MBM3: The Issues I Had With Spider-man 2

This is ME BEING ME, where I am going to talk about what's going on in my mind and what I've been thinking about is:The Issues I had with Spider-man 2

Spiderman 3 is universally understood to be the downfall of the Spiderman franschise and Turn Off The Dark is just plain ridiculous when it isn't deadly. But I feel that Spiderman 2 was the real downfall of the franscise. I think so, solely, because of the ending. Yes, there are going to be spoilers. But if you've waited this long to watch the movie, I doubt you were that interested to begin with.

Through out the whole movie, there is this theme of doing what's right at the expense of what you want. Spiderman begins to lose his powers and begins to think that he could lead a normal life, a life with Mary Jane. He soon realizes that his wants are over ruled by the City of New York's Needs. The ending they were going for was going to be unavoidably dark. The ending that was foreshadow was basically one with Spiderman sitting alone in his shitty apartment when the police sirens blare. And then he runs off to save the day. (Spoiler) In a way, the Dark Knight was Spiderman 2 done right. Batman flees the police, allowing them to believe he and not Harvey Dent went on a murderous ramage. Why? His city needed a White Knight. Mary Jane showing up at the end of the movie violated the rest of the movie and it was kind of weird that there were no consequence to that action in Spiderman 3.

Off topic like hell, but why does Spiderman keep taking off his mask. Every five seconds it seems. Does he understand the concept of a secret identity? Battle damaged, I can respect that, but you'll take it off at the drop of a hat. If it's hot under there, say so. Who told you to make your mask out of wool? Silk breaths better.


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