Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Last Reich: Bringing Up God Synopsis

“The Last Reich: Bringing Up God” is a 383 page (113,500 words) sci-fi/fantasy novel about a Nazi super soldier, an ax-wielding magician and a teenage girl being tricked into opening a doorway into a chaos dimension by a sadistic warlock. The novel begins with Clod meeting Macy on a pig farm. Clod is looking to pillage a convoy of human traffickers and releases Macy from bondage, expecting that she might be able to lead him to them. She reluctantly does, but not after the two run into the magic man , Fiend in a weather beaten shack in the middle of the desert. Fiend gives Clod a very painful vision and gives Macy a command. “Stay with him.” Clod catches up with the Slaver convoy in a city called Lincoln. The Slavers set up a trap for him, because while he was searching for them, they were searching for him. Little does Clod know, he is a genetically modified human with controls laying dormant in his brain. The one pressing the buttons is Kurt, a fellow super soldier who inherited the hidden Nazi tools and machinery. Clod gets captured, but not by the Slavers, but by the lawmen of Lincoln. They lock him up and the controls were turned back on and he was set off to tear through Lincoln’s underbelly. The Slavers use the opportunity of a wounded city to go for the death blow and take over Lincoln’s industry, petroleum production and refinery. The Slavers attempt to make their victory complete by snatching up Clod, but Macy aids him in escaping. The process of breaking out of prison and crippling a city injured Clod severely and Macy pulls together his bloody, broken form. Barely well, he heads off to find the Slavers, gun them down and find those who used him. He catches up to them again and slaughters them like pigs, but he wasn’t the only one after them. Due to dissention in the ranks led by an unscrupulous man named Hess, Kurt decides to offer a bounty on all their heads. The bounty hunters find the slaughtered Slaver camp and belief that their bounty is being snaked out from under them. They go to reclaim it, meaning they go after the barely healed Clod. Meanwhile, Macy goes after Clod and is confronted by Fiend, who offers her a vision of the future where the Slavers are brutal slaughtered, but their human cargo is left to rot in their shackles. She is dismayed by the fact that Clod would allow them to rot and refuses to let it happen. She marches after him, the Slaver and into the line of fire. She ends up saving Clod again when Clod’s tenuous health declines while confronted by one of the bounty hunters. She blows the man’s brains out of his head. She saves him, but then she leaves him to go after the people locked up in the Slaver’s cages. She finds those poor souls, but in the hands of more bounty hunters, who are hoping to ransom them back to the Slavers. Macy guns them down from a distance, but loses them again to the Pester gang. They snatch her up as well. The gang calls up the Slavers with the same plan as the bounty hunters. While held by the gang, Macy meets Toby, a young man who once traveled with Clod and who had been abandoned by Clod. The Slavers come by, slaughter the gang and take back their property. In the midst of the killing, one of Pester gang reveals the location of Clod, who had been rescued by Gutter, a tattooed magician and brought to a medicine man in the neighboring town of Big Tooth. The Slavers go after Clod and massacred the town in the process. Clod’s luck continued to decline when he’s shot in the gut twice, taken to meet Kurt and to receive treatment. Macy is taken along as well as Hess, who is the sole survivor of the Clod and the bounty hunters. He survived, but is fundamentally changed after an encounter with Fiend. Fiend encounters two other people, Toby and Gutter. Toby, who had been shot in the lung by the Slavers, is turned away from death and turned into a human/dog chimera. Gutter’s just given a lift to the big battle at the end. Gutter’s given guns that offer him freedom from a witch that has been chasing after him for a good deal of his life. He doesn’t realize that he’s being used by Fiend. Fiend set Gutter to take care of his competition for an old piece of Nazi machinery that can either travel through time if functioning properly or punch a hole into non-reality if not. Fiend’s hoping for the latter effect because magical energy flows in from that non-reality. That witch sent forth a slew of zombies to the Nazi compound, hoping to pry the machine from Kurt’s and Fiend’s grasp. The onset of zombies and the understanding by Kurt that Clod could not by made into an ally, caused him to abandon the compound and set off a self-destruct sequence. Toby snatches up Macy and brings her down to the machine. Gutter learns of Fiend’s plan and aims to stop it. Clod learns of Macy’s whereabouts and aims to save her. The two battle their way down to the machine as the compound crumbles around them. Macy and Toby are thrown back in time to present day New York. Gutter is cursed by Fiend and then given to the witch as consolation. Clod is held down and shown his absolute failure. The darkness envelops him and he is Fiend’s newest slave.

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