Saturday, March 10, 2012

Brief Brief on a New Novel: The Last Reich - The Killing Kind

There's no news in regards to the original Last Reich novel, but I've begun querying agents about it.
As for the next book, I've put down 1500 words of the very first chapter. I feel as though I need to follow through with this series. I want to know exactly how it ends and I won't until I write. I don't have control over the outcome.

I think story telling is a lot like braiding a multicolored squid's tenticles. As you work from the body to the tips of the tenticles, the squid's tenticles are thrashing about. You have a vague idea that it should look a braid when you're through, but you'll have no idea about the color pattern or the quality. I'm going to finish the chapter later on today. Clod and Hess going into a dead town to find vampires.

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