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The Dark Tower: Impressions And Speculations

I had a pie-in-the-sky, wide-eyed speculation concerning Stephen King, the character.

In "The Dark Tower 6: Song Of Susannah" and in "The Dark Tower 7: The Dark Tower", Stephen King, the character, makes many appearances and plsys his own special role in getting Roland to his Tower. In "Song Of Susannah", he aids Jake and Father Callahan in finding the sinister Black 13. He also has a conversation with Roland and Eddie. In this instance, he left a note and a red card key. In "The Dark Tower", he returned to clue in Susannah in Dandelo's hut. In this instance, he left another note and Robert Browning's epic poem "Childe Roland To The Dark Tower Came." The problem I have is, in "Song Of Susannah" King made a reference to being limited in his communication with the world of his creation.
I am allowed mail privileges, but only once.

What would you do? To who would you send mail?

To Jake

The Dark Tower 6: Song Of Susannah

These passages suggest that Stephen King abused some sort of power when he communicated with Mid-World the second time. Were Stephen King to write a short story or a new novel in the vain I suggested, it would be very interesting to see how Roland and Susannah would escape Dandelo's hut. In my mind's eye, I envision the lonesome and loathesome Mordred stepping in to save the day. Mordred, after all, is considered a lost ka-tet menber. Just a thought.

Hear's another one. It's possibly, in this univeres, that Stephen King went so far as to be akin to a breaker when he sent aid to Susannah. If he put his hand into this world when he wasn't supposed to, it wouldn't be ridiculous that he did some damage to Gan's beam. After all, Stephen King is using the powers of Gan, the sorta-kinda god of Mid-world. But, King is not Gan.

Stephen King (as a fictionalized character) appears in the final two Dark Tower books. Roland and his ka-tet learn of his existence when Roland comes across a copy of 'Salem's Lot, after first meeting Father Callahan, in the fifth book Wolves of the Calla. Roland and Eddie later confront King in his Maine home at a time when he has written 'Salem's Lot and The Gunslinger but no further Dark Tower books. Roland hypnotizes King and it is revealed that he did not in fact "create" the characters of Father Callahan or Roland or any others involved with the Dark Tower but is in reality a channel that records their quest. It is also revealed that at a very young age, the Crimson King attempted to claim Stephen King as one of his own. King fears retaliation from the Crimson King if he continues to write Roland's tale but the Gunslinger's hypnosis encourages him to continue. The attempt on King's life to end his chronicling of Roland's quest comes in the form of his 1999 automobile incident.

Wikipedia, List Of The Dark Tower Characters

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