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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Dark Tower: Wind Through A Keyhole

Holy Shit, dude.

I somehow forgot that "Wind Through The Keyhole" by Stephen King was coming out in April. How? How? How was I allowed to forget the lastest extension of Roland, the Gunslinger's journey to the Dark Tower. I checked it out on Itunes and the audiobook is actually read by Stephen King, himself. Needless to say, this shall be mine. Destined to flood my ear holes for the next 10 and 28 minutes.

Speaking of the Dark Tower, I thought I'd mention something I noticed about the Dark Tower series. If Stephen King were to author a new Dark Tower story, he could explore the nature of Susannah's membership in Roland's Ka-tet. Every member of the ka-tet has had an opportunity to see a Dark Tower analog except for Susannah. Jake found the rose. Eddie met Stephen King. Roland met Stephen King, saw the rose and went to the Tower. Susannah was held back from all of it. It's probably unconscious, but its an interesting avenue to explore.

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