Sunday, June 3, 2012

Over a Hundred Posts and Finally....

We've had over a hundred posts, here at the Dark Abby, but finally, we've atained Structure!

I'm not a very disciplined blogger. Those treasuresd few from America and scarse parts of Germany may have noticed that I randomly shoot my entire wod like an over-excited virgin. I, typically, post when I feel like it, which isn't conducive to gaining readership. A party train that shows up whenever it feels like it, is hard to jump on to.

So, with the new features on, I'm taming this party train. I'm still going to shoot my wod all at once, but it'll feel like I'm fucking you all night long. (That's gross, but it's the other half of this metaphor.)

So look out for new posts to come out every Sunday night at 10:00pm (Parific Daylight Timezone: United States)

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