Saturday, July 27, 2013

Kid Silver: Alone - Deleted Scenes (Dream Sequence #2)

These two deleted scenes are dream sequences which would’ve helped establish some connective tissue between two other books I was (and still am) excited about: No Magic For Luke Peters (The Luke Peters Series) and The Last Reich: Bringing Up God First (The Last Reich Series). I, ultimately, decided that the first Kid Silver: Alone novel wasn’t the best place for such things. I can establish my universe elsewhere, but I still did like these scenes and didn’t want to see them die. I hope you enjoy them.


– Matthew H. Jones, author.

Deleted Scene #2, Dream Scene


I dreamt of the blonde girl with the long legs and I dreamt of the boy with the red-ringed eyes. The two of them were wrestling with one another while standing before a billowing blanket of white light. Metal men with a red light planted in the middle of their faces were racing about like man-sized ants off to war. There was this blonde man fighting a bald man with a goatee. Both of them had open wounds. It looked like they’d been dipped in blood. The African-American man with the tattoos across his face and body was firing big, black revolvers at the scurrying robots and at a big man with boils on his face and body. It was all chaos swirling chaos and nonsense. There were zombies, actual zombies shambling into this spacious, concrete room with a long, metal catwalk cutting through the center.


There was a rumble and then a giant fissure busted through the ceiling. Dust peppered down. More and more cracks busted through the ceiling and down the walls, slicing through everything. The walls were going to fall down and these people were just fighting. There was a sound that wasn’t a sound. I heard it but I couldn’t describe the noise. My brain couldn’t wrap itself around the stimulus entering my ears. The closest I could get to a description wasn’t a sound, but an image.  I heard a stone. The sound was like big, smooth stones hovering over my head, hanging taut on thin-thin chords, stones that were about to fall. It makes no sense, I know. It’s like the sound had messed with my senses, twisted them so that up was down and left was right.


The girl and the boy fell into the billowing blanket of light. It belched outward like they’d fallen into a great pool of water. They were gone and then all the walls collapsed inwards, smashing into the wall of billowing light. Big hunks of stone smashed into the scurrying robots and the shambling zombies, crushing them like bugs. Something happened with the tattooed man and the guns. Darkness snaked out from the guns, raveling up around his forearms, burning into his tattooed flesh, then he fell to his knees and lastly onto his face. There was a boy with a twisted up neck. He looked like he was dead. The boy came up behind the blonde man with the sword and the bald man with the goatee. The broken-necked boy shot a shard of solid shadow through the bald man, killing him.


It must have caught the blonde man as well because he fell to his knees. His blue eyes were wide and watery as he stared at the boy. The boy knelt down and began to cannibalize the dead, bald man. All around me, big hunks of stone crashed down and made the ground beneath my feet shutter. This was true. This was real. I believe it was real. It was going to happen one day in the far future and it was happening now.


The blonde man and the man with the boils were enveloped in snaking shadows and there was a thing, a thing made of dripping tar and obsidian. It was the vaguest form of a woman held up on all four legs. She dragged the tattooed man away into the depths of the crumbling building, pulling him away like a dog with a bit of road kill. This was the worst thing. These were crusaders taking their worst blow, coming within a hair’s breath of dying and having good blotted out forever. This was the ascension of a blood god, a Death god.

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