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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

For The Writers #1: Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt # 1: Write a love story based on your favorite love song. Have it end horrificly.

Writing Prompt # 2 : Take a walk through your neighborhood. Listen and look for the three most attention getting things you notice and make up a story in which those things are threatening the world.

Writing Prompt # 3: Do a character sketch, place that character on a train heading toward a cliff. Have the character save him or herself without saving anyone else on the train and imagine the ramafications that would follow.

Writing Prompt # 4: Have the character you created in the sketch above, save everyone except themselves and explore the ramifications that come with that.

Writing Prompt # 5: A Bell ringing wildly in a strong breeze, A Discarded dress on a river bank, An Empty classroom, A Man in a black hat and overcoat. Write a story where these elements are present amd where you're first assumption about how these element fit together is wrong.

Writing Prompt # 6: There's a ticking bomb hidden under a table in a lonely restaurant. There are Five people present: The Host, A waiter, a husband and wife, and a escaped convict. All of the people escape unharmed, but the bomb goes off with everyone still inside. Write a story explaining why?

Writing Prompt # 7: Meet Ned. Ned is over a thousand years old, has met every American President and several kings. He has been married to a hand full of the great beauties of the world, fought in some of the greatest battles, in fact, he has even saved the world from space aliens and now, Ned just wants to fish. He's a great man, but his story has never been told. Tell his tale. (Very free form- Make Ned into whatever you want.)

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