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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

She Two: Two Strangers

We were two strangers walking across a bridge
Her wig, matted an lopsided
Her face, wrinkled and made for expression
And I, my coat buttoned in defiance to the cold rising off the water
She nodded to me. Smiled, revealing yellowed teeth and purple gums
I raise the ends of my lips for her
“Hello,” She said, her voice creaking like old wood
“Hello,” I sighed tiredly
She was alone and lonely
And a smile was an invitation
And Hello was friendship
She followed me and told me everything big or small
The small being her legion of cats littering her home
The Big being her daughter being beaten close to death
She looked up to me with pleading eyes, milky and wet
And She whispered, “He beats her,” in her creaky voice
She stared at me for a long moment as if I would save the girl
As if I were some sort of superman
As if I could cleave the ties that bond
As if I would know how to save her
We parted, her with sad eyes and a tilted wig
And Me with no more guilt than I had prior.

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