Friday, May 13, 2011

Malcolm Reynolds Vs. Caleb (Parts 11-14)

They said it wouldn't happen. They said he couldn't do it, that he'd written himself into a corner. Well, I'm here to say that they were wrong. He can't be stopped. He can't quit. He won't back down. Without further ado, let me bring you the story so far:
Caleb and The First Evil(Season 7, Buffy The Vampire Slayer) got onto Serenity and are causing all sort of hell in the hopes of capturing the widely sought after River.

“Zoe.” The First whispered. “Zoe.” He called again.
Zoe opened her big brown eyes. Her gun was somewhere else. Somewhere far from her hand and she couldn’t quite remember why she needed it.
“Zoe.” The First cooed. Zoe turned her head, it was difficult to do so. She’d been moved from where she’d hit the wall. She’d been arranged so she’d be comfortable.
“Zoe.” The First said again.
“Wash?” Zoe said with a shuttering voice. The First formed a smile that could have had love, but really was filled with hate.
“You’re very close now. You’re so close to me.” The First said. “Come to me, baby.” Zoe felt fresh tears welling in her eyes.
“Come to me.” The First cooed. “Look there.” The First guided her gaze to a scalpel that laid close to her hand.
“Come to me.” The First said.
“I think that they got him out of the medical bay.” Simon said to Kaylee.
“It was Jayne. Somebody’s talking to him.” Kaylee said as the two of them hurried their way to the medical bay. Blaster fire echoed through the halls, but that was behind them. More blaster fire sounded before them, along with Zoe’s roars. They arrived to see Zoe fire her gun into empty air. Her brow was furrowed in hurt and anger. She was shaking in anger and tears were rolling down her cheeks in steady streams. Kaylee put her arms around her and held her as she sobbed, making cooing noises.
“I saw him.” She whispered. “I saw him.”
Simon surveyed the damage. Everything was gone, smashed thoroughly. He predicted that this would be the worst time to not have medical supplies.
“Having trouble?” The First asked.
“Don’t you come to me as that bitch.” Caleb said through raspy breaths. The First had taken the form of a thin blonde with pouting lips. The girl had died along, but not before killing Caleb and thwarting the First Evil.
“You’re not forgetting who controls who, right?” The First asked.
“No. I’m just a little cross because I’ve been shot up so much. Ain’t exactly fun I’m having.”
“Well, while you were getting shot up, I’ve been working on your backup. She should be around shortly.”
“You ready?” Jayne asked Mal. Mal was more concerned about how handy Jayne would be with his bum leg. They both had their guns raised and ready for the fight ahead of them, which meant they were completely unprepared for the fight behind them. River disarmed Jayne first, driving her foot into his bad leg and then popping him in the throat and lastly, she drove her knee into his solaplex. He fell back, puffing and moaning. By this time, Mal had time to realize that something had happen. Mal got an elbow in the throat and a foot in the groin. He dropped to his knees. River gripped Jayne’s gun, but didn’t fire. Mal fell over to one side and that seemed to be enough for her.
Caleb limped into the hallway and River gripped him around the waist, beginning to sob.
“Mal, They’re everywhere. They’re trying to get in my head.” Caleb was tentative about the small girl gripping him so tightly, but he slowly wrapped his arms around her.
“You stick with me, darling. We’ll get them all.”

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