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Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's All Okay, Folks

I couldn’t help but think, ‘She’s someone’s daughter.’ I’m not sure how evil a man that makes me, that I thought that and enjoyed the sight all the more.
She was a thin one with fleshy cheeks, both on her face and on her haunches. She wore a silken sun dress, but that was only a pretense for the creamy tanned skin that rested beneath. She stripped it away slowly, the process had to last and all she had was that sundress and a thin pair of cotton panties. She broke the thin spaghetti cords that held the dress up one at a time. The dress fell, sliding past her modest breasts to a stop at her waist and she helped it the rest of the way to the ground. Once she was free of her dress, she did a slow dance, turning around to show the camera her ass. She rolled her hips side to side, looking over her shoulder to show she was smiling.
It’s all Okay, folks.
She stripped out of her panties rather unceremoniously, peeling them from her wide buttocks and allowing them to drop to the ground. She kicked them out of view once they reached her feet. She gave a playful laugh and smiled to the camera.
It’s all Okay, folks.
She then rested herself on an orange two person couch and began rubbing at her breasts and abdomen. She teased herself again and again, venturing ever closer to the destination it would eventually find. She danced her fingers around her belt line as the camera focused on her navel and exposed lap. The very tip of her middle finger brushed the hood of her clitoris and she raced the finger to her mouth and sucked on it. She moved her hand along her frame and rested it in between her spread legs. She breathed out a cool shutter and started playing with her labia, started dragging her nails along her inner thighs, started rubbing the areas of least sensitivity and working towards the areas of most. She omitted breathy moans, each one arriving sooner than the last. The camera adjusted to reveal the whole picture. Her eyes were shut and her lips were parted.
A man walked into frame wearing the pretense of a black t- shirt and blue jeans. A long, rod shaped bulge disturbed the fabric of his jeans and gave the tacit impression than he was enjoying the show along side me. He remained wordless as he extended a hand to her left breast and with the other hand, he fondled himself. She continued playing with herself with one hand and aided him in stroke himself with the other. He backed away and hastily stripped off his cloths. As the last article fell to the ground, he re-approached her, masturbating his large manhood as he walked. He removed his hand and his penis hovered stiff and throbbing, waiting for her mouth’s approach. She stared at it and smiled to the camera.
It’s all Okay, folks.
Her lips tentatively tasted the tip of his penis, tonguing the helmet. Her moist fingers brushed around the shift, softly and slowly. As she dragged her tongue along the tip, he began slowly thirsting his member into her mouth, heralding the fall of the pretext of filesio. She gripped the hard shift and allowed the large piece to slide into her mouth. She had her hands serve as an extension of her mouth, mouthing only a few inches and masturbating the rest. As her tongue, lips and hands worked the man, he took firmly grasped her strawberry blonde hair at the base and aided her moving more of himself into her mouth. It seemed he had pushed her too far in this action because she took the dick out of her mouth and coughed, but she smiled to the camera and put him back in her mouth.
It’s all Okay, folks.
He started up shoving his cock deeper down her throat and she gagged on it, eyeing the camera as she did so. When it reached as far as it would go, the man created a small space between himself and her and palmed the back of her head. Once the proper footing and area was found, he began thrusting himself vigorously in and out of her mouth and throat, her eyes wetting all the while. He gave her a number of good thrusts before backing away, grunting heavily and saying in a deep baritone, “Turn around.”
She obeyed the command and presented her full buttocks and pudendum to the camera and as high as she could. He fingered at her vagina with his thumb, shoving it in before moving it to the clitoris, pushing the hood up and stimulating it directly. She exhaled noisily like icy, cold water was being poured on her unexpectedly. He slid his hand upward toward her anus and plunged his thumb deep into it. She moaned deeply and inched slightly away from it. He gripped her at the waist and started rubbing the perimeter of her anus. She moaned louder and then pressed her face into the orange fabric of the couch to stifle herself. The man wrenched her head back by her hair and she yelped in surprise.
He dragged the fingers he used to play with her asshole along the crack of her buttocks and up toward the small of her back, cooling her loud cries. He moved the hand from her back onto his hard member. He stroked it twice and then shoved it down to the testicles into her anus. She pressed her face back into the couch and scream out. He thrusted slowly, in and out, making her feel all of his manhood as it worked itself deep into her. He repeated the slow action a few more times before picking up the rhythm up high, being more and more forceful with each throw. Her moans and cries remained muted by the couch padding until the man gripped her back the hair again and pulled back, holding on this time and letting the screams burst further from her and drown out the sound of their flesh smacking against one another. He eased up on her, released her hair and gripped her round the waist, lifting her off her feet and turning. He dropped onto the couch with her on his lap. She eyed the camera, but forgot to smile.
It’s all Okay, folks.
He scooted forward to widen his lap and began bouncing her up and down on his dick. She moaned with her eyes shut and her mouth closed, breathing wildly through her nose. He removed his arms from around her waist and left her to the task of bouncing herself. He moved his strong hands around her neck and closed tightly. She continued bouncing as her eyes wetted more and grew red. He aided her slightly from where he held. Her face started to burn red before her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she stopped bouncing altogether. His heavy breathing was the only sound as he released and let her flop to one side. He stroked her unconscious body. He exited her quick and began stroking her breasts at first while stroking her penis. He then moved to her abdomen and to her pussy. He rubbed the clitoris directly and re-entered her limp body via her flower. He thrusted slowly and smoothly, his breath was unsteady like waves breaking against rocks. It grew louder and louder, more and more shaky. He exited her quickly and ejaculated on her side. He moved swiftly to shot the last of it onto her slumbering face. The warm fluid dripped down the valley of her lips as her eyes opened, dazed and hesitant. It took her a moment, but she smiled.
It’s all Okay, folks.


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