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Monday, September 5, 2011

Sexy Myths And Misconceptions

I intend to discuss a number of truly surprising myths and misconceptions concerning sexually transmitted disease and sex itself. When I first started my research into this topic, I didn’t expect, how odd and sometimes foolhardy some of these myths might be. For example, I came across a myth regarding pregnancy, a belief that being pregnant protects a woman from sexually transmitted diseases. It’s this ignorance and naivety that is a major cause of STDs prevalence in our society, people fail to understand how these diseases are spread and in effect continue to spread them. It is my goal and the goal of this paper to bring these misconceptions to light and expose them for their inaccuracy.
I’ve decided to start this paper by discussing the more forgivable misconceptions and gradually moving toward the more ridiculous. The first myth I’d like to address is concerning safe sex and monogamy. It’s a belief that if one only has sex with one person and uses some sort of protection with that person, one is completely safe from sexually transmitted diseases. This makes sense and one would be blameless for believing it, but it is also untrue. Although practicing safe, monogamous sex is a good way to stay safe, there also is not guarantee for safety beyond abstinence and in some cases that’s not even true. For example, god forbid you were in a car accident. If someone in the car has AIDS or HIV and they’re bleeding and you are bleeding as well, you run the risk of contracting the disease. Also, just because you are practicing safe, monogamous sex doesn’t necessarily mean your partner is.

Another misconception is that once an infection appears cleared up, you’re cured and don’t have to continue with prescribed medication and don’t have to go to a follow up visit. This is slightly more foolish, but is at least based off of apparent reality. The experience most to all people have with disease is the cold or the flu and with both up, you take the medication (cough syrup, aspirin etc,) until you feel better and then you stop. Why? Because you assume if it’s not doing damage it’s not there. But STDs are completely different animals, (well, to be accurate they’re bacteria, viruses, algae, so on and so forth.) The M.O of a lot of STDs is laying low and spring up later, for example, Clamidia and Syphilus. Only a trained professional like a doctor can tell you for sure.

The next myth is similar to the last, in that it’s based off of apparent reality. This myth is if an infection is clearing up on it’s own I don’t have to seek treatment. This is obviously untrue. As I stated before a lot of STD’s M.O is laying low and waiting. Syphilus, for example, can remain in your dominant in your body for 10-15 years without a single sign of further infection, but left untreated it can lead to blindness and insanity.

The next myth, I laughed when I heard it. This myth concerns doshing with soda and other carbonated drink to kill sperm and infections. The only logic I could think of to defend this line of thought is cola is sometimes used to clean pennies. Okay, true- sodas have a decent level of acidity and in theory could kill something, but most sodas are sugary and will most likely feed the infection and encourage growth. Also, introducing a foreign fluid into the vagina will in a high likely-hood change the PH balance and make thing far worse.

I’ve refrained from using the terms “stupid” or “dumb”, but I think I have to his next myth. This myth is that oral Gonorrhea can not survive on the gentiles and Gentile Gonorrhea can not survive in the mouth or throat and therefore its safe to perform oral sex when infected. There is absolutely no logic, I’ve found or can think of that would justify this train of thought, it foolishness beyond foolishness. Gonorrhea is caused by a bacterium known as neisseria gonorrhoeae. When someone is diagnosed with gentile or oral Gonorrhea, that oral and the gentile part of it is just stating where the gonorrhoeae bacteria is. So, therefore performing oral sex on an infected person is wildly unsafe. Gonorrhoeae Bacteria, likely all bacteria enjoy dark, wet places like your mouth and gentiles.

I hope that armed with information presented above, the reader is more prepared to protect themselves and advance others. As I stated in the opening paragraph, most of the spread of STDs can be attributed to ignorance of STDs and how they are transmitted. I know I am safer and more entertained for writing this paper and I hope the same can be said for the reader for reading it.

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