Friday, October 11, 2013

News Item of the Week! - Craig Carter Execution Approaches

Craig Carter is slated to be put to death this upcoming Tuesday. Timothy Carter’s escape attempt has yet to be sprung. This reporter has been on this story for about a month now and it is still unclear what Carter’s plan is. As much as this reporter is aware, Carter’s escape attempt will involve a large supply of Crack Cocaine, which has been supplied by this reporter. Also, it seems that Carter will utilize several ounces of this reporter’s semen. This reporter had lost his position over his story and admittedly, he can no longer be objective about it. He is in love with the master mind, Timothy Carter and will be waiting outside the prison the night before Craig Carter’s execution. This reporter has nothing to lose and has emptied his bank account and purchased three tickets to Panama, which doesn’t have any Extradition treaties with America. This reporter wants Timothy Carter to know that he loves Carter and will happily run away with him.

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