Monday, June 3, 2013

Me Being Me (Revival Post.)

I wanted to touch base and talk about what's been going on with me.

After two years, I'm going back to college. May had been a big month for me and June is turning out to be just as large. I'm figuring out funding, quitting my job and devoting more time to getting back on the horse.

In July, I'll be a Readercon, my first convention ever. I'm stoked about that. I've got my room booked and my membership waiting. In prepartation, I've looked up a couple of the authors in attendance and I'm boning up on their novels. I want ot cram in as much reading as I can in between now and July 11th, the first day of Readercon. It's unlikely, but, maybe, I might stumble into Peter Straub while grabbing one of my Cranberry+Vodka drinks. I have no idea what would happen in that unlikely scenerio. I'd probably say, "Hey." as I walk away because, although I love his work, I have no idea what Peter Straub looks like.

After that, September is going to be big. I'm hoping I can submit a query to this agent I've been waiting on. If you're curious (dare I hope 'Excited?) about Kid Silver: Alone than start asking about it. People talking about the book can only do good things. I'll also be enrolling at UMass Lowell and hopefully taking a class with Dave Daniels, an author of some esteem. So that's what's up with me.

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